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What are the advantages of led lights

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What are the advantages of led lights

1: low voltage power supply

Low-voltage power supplies, using low-voltage power supplies, are physically safer than high-voltage power supplies. In the process of use, the voltage of a single bulb is between 2V and 4V, which is relatively low, so it can be safer to give Everyone, don’t worry about the damage caused by the power supply of the lamp, it is safe enough to let you use the led lamp at ease.

Advantages of led lights 2: high efficiency and energy saving

High-efficiency and energy-saving, presumably this is what everyone knows because the LED light source itself has the energy-saving effect, so the electric energy emitted by the LED lamp is more energy-saving than the ordinary incandescent lamp, and it can also save you a lot of electricity bills.

Advantages of led lights 3: shock resistance

The materials of led lamps are harder than the price, and the light sources used are solid-state, so during an earthquake, the led lamp will not appear stroboscopic phenomenon. It is precise.

Because of this particularity that the led lamp can stand out from other lamps. , Occupy most of the lighting market and win the eyes of consumers.

Advantages of led lights 4: long life

The service life of the led lamp is also relatively long. If there is no problem in the process of use, it will generally be no problem for about ten years.

Advantages of led lights 5: environmental protection

The light emitted by the led lamp is soft and not dazzling. There is no radiation in the light of the lamp, and it does not contain ultraviolet and infrared lamps. Ordinary incandescent lamps have ultraviolet and infrared rays. If they are permanent, they will fatigue the eyes. The body brings unhealthy factors.

Advantages of led lights 6: diversified colors

The color is diversified. The color of the LED lamp is relatively pure, soft and warm, without any miscellaneous color light, and the color is also very diverse, which meets the needs of various decorative styles.

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