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UFO industrial and mining lamp product features

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UFO industrial and mining lamp product features

1. Using multiple high-power LED (3030) modules as the light source, it has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, low light decay, pure light color, high CRI, and no ghosting;

2. Unique fin heat dissipation design, lighter lamp weight, perfect combination of light source and radiator, effective heat conduction and diffusion, thereby reducing the temperature in the lamp body, effectively ensuring the life of the light source and power supply;

3. Green and environmentally friendly, no pollution, no lead, mercury and other polluting elements, no pollution to the environment;

4. Good color rendering, showing the actual color more realistically. Various light colors are available to meet the needs of different environments, eliminate the depressed mood caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps, make the vision more comfortable, and improve the work efficiency of workers;

5. Adopting constant current and constant voltage control, suitable for wide voltage (AC90-305V) to overcome the power grid, noise pollution, and light instability caused by the ballast, and avoid the irritation and fatigue caused to the eyes during work;

6. Excellent decorative effect, special surface treatment technology, multiple colors for appearance, simple installation, convenient disassembly, and wide application range.

UFO industrial and mining lamp use place:

School auditorium, hotel, factory building, gas station, indoor gymnasium, exhibition hall, railway station waiting room, library, logistics warehouse, cold storage, etc.

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