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Types of led lamp

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Types of led lamp

Types of led lamp

LED lighting fixtures can be divided into two parts: indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. The common types of LED lighting lamps on the market mainly include the following product types: LED high-power module street lamps, LED spotlights, LED lamp cups, LED lamp holders, LED lamp holders, LED lamp strips, LED tubes, LED lamps LED light bar, LED flexible light bar, LED light string, LED bulb, LED lamp bead, LED wick, LED chip, LED downlight, LED candle light, LED star light, LED sensor light, low power LED light, high power LED Lamps, high-power LED energy-saving lamps, LED meteor shower lamps, LED air vitamin purification lamps, LED sound-controlled lamps, LED panel lamps, LED touch lamps, LED semiconductor lighting, LED high-power ceiling lamps, LED explosion-proof lamps, LED tube screens, LED explosion-proof lamps Anti-corrosion and dust-proof lamp, LED solid-state maintenance-free explosion-proof lamp, LED fluorescent lens, LED explosion-proof floodlight, LED high-power lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, LED TV, LED backlight, LED car light, LED fill light, LED strong light flashlight, LED flood lights, LED bold lights, LED corn lights, LED underground lights, LED cabinet lights, LED stage lights, LED mall lights, LED lathe lights, LED dental lights, LED mining overhead locomotive lights, LED explosion-proof lights Platform lights, LED tunnel lights, other LED classification products.

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