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The types of LED light sources

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The types of LED light sources

LED light source has the advantages of small size, long life and high efficiency. The types of LED light sources are as follows:

Ring light source: illuminate directly above the measured object.

Strip light source: There are three illumination effects: direct, oblique and metering.

Linear light source: has a light-gathering effect, and high brightness can shorten the camera exposure time.

Back-type light source: The angle can be adjusted to match different characteristics of the test object and working distance.

Backlight: Illuminate from the back of the object under test.

External coaxial reflection light source: The side light source can irradiate the light parallel to the object under test through the beam splitter.

Internal coaxial point light source: need to be used with coaxial lens.

Hemispherical ridged light source: The light source can be diffused by the diffuser to form a uniform illumination area.

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