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The RGB color mode

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The RGB color mode

The RGB color mode of led lights is a color standard in the industry. It obtains various colors by changing the three color channels of red (R), green (G), and blue (B) and superimposing them with each other. Yes, RGB is the color representing the three channels of red, green, and blue. This standard includes almost all the colors that human vision can perceive, and it is one of the most widely used color systems.


RGB is designed based on the principle of color luminescence. Popularly speaking, its color mixing method is like three lights of red, green and blue. When their lights overlap each other, the colors are mixed, but the brightness is equal to The sum of the three brightness, the more mixed the higher the brightness, that is, additive mixing.

For the superposition of the red, green and blue lights, the brightest superposition area of the three colors in the center is white. The characteristic of additive mixing: the more superimposed, the brighter.

Each of the three color channels of red, green and blue is divided into 256 levels of brightness. At 0, the "light" is the weakest-it is turned off, and at 255, the "light" is the brightest. When the three-color grayscale values are the same, gray tones with different grayscale values are produced, that is, when the three-color grayscale is 0, it is the darkest black tone; when the three-color grayscale is 255, it is the brightest white tone .

RGB colors are called additive colors because you can produce white by adding R, G, and B together (that is, all light is reflected back to the eye). Additive colors are used for illuminating lights, televisions, and computer monitors. For example, displays produce colors by emitting light from red, green, and blue phosphors. Most of the visible spectrum can be expressed as a mixture of red, green, and blue (RGB) light in different proportions and intensities. If these colors overlap, yellow, cyan and purple are produced.

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