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The reasons cause led light flicker

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The reasons cause led light flicker

There is a capacitor in the LED lamp driver, which can be understood as a small capacity rechargeable battery: when the current passes through the capacitor, the capacitor will continue to charge, and after it is fully charged, the capacitor will release all the stored electrical energy at one time.

The LED light flickers, which belongs to the latter case: the light is off during the capacitor charging process. Because the internal current of the capacitor is small, the charging speed is very slow, so you can see the light off with the naked eye. When the capacitor is fully charged, it releases electrical energy at one time and lights up the lamp. However, due to the small amount of electric energy stored, the light will be extinguished very quickly, and the charging and discharging will be repeated continuously. What the naked eye can see is the light flickering.

When the lamp is in normal use, no flicker can be seen, because the current through the capacitor is large and the charging speed is extremely fast.

So, what will cause a small current to flow inside the capacitor? First of all, because the quality of the capacitor is not good, the high-quality capacitor has a lot of stored power, and the tiny current in the circuit is not enough to store energy in the capacitor.

In addition, there may be other reasons that caused the tiny current.

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