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The main applications of LED

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The main applications of LED

1. LED display

LED display screen is an application with high technical content in LED applications so far. It integrates optics, microelectronics technology, computer technology, and information processing technology.

2. LED lights

With the maturity of LED technology, LED is gradually introduced into the field of daily lighting, and has become a new type of lighting source with its high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection characteristics. LED lights are mainly used for the lighting decoration of buildings, streets, commercial centers, bridges, communities, courtyards, lawns, homes, leisure and entertainment places, and commercial lighting and stage lighting that integrate decoration and advertising.

3. Car

It is mainly used for indicator lights such as dashboard, air conditioner, and audio in the car, and the third brake light, tail light, turn signal and even headlights outside the car.

4. Backlight

LED as a backlight source has been widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, GPS, aircraft dashboards, etc.

5. Traffic lights

Because red, yellow, and green LEDs have the advantages of high brightness, long life, and point saving, the demand in the traffic signal market has increased significantly.

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