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The installation of led street light

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The installation of led street light

The use of led street lights is very common. Generally, led street lights are installed in parks, campuses, roads, villas, new rural reconstruction and other places. For led street lights, its installation method is very important.

1. Consolidate. When installing led street lights, you need to pay attention to whether the connection between the street light line and the ground is relatively firm. For street lights, it will be on both sides of the road for a long time, so the stability of the line will affect whether the street light can function normally. At the same time, its stable function will also affect the stability of the street light system.

2. Receiving energy. For solar led street lights, the ability to absorb radiation and heat independently cannot be ignored. When installing the led street light system, it is necessary to consider whether the solar panel can perfectly receive natural radiation and its lighting. Intensity has a great influence. During the installation process, not only the aesthetics of the street lamp must be considered, but also its value utilization.

3. For the installation of led street lights, professional personnel are required to install during the installation process, so as to ensure the normal use of solar led street lights and ensure its safety and stability.

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