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The functions of lighting in intelligent building

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The functions of lighting in intelligent building

Lighting plays an important role in the infrastructure of buildings, and with the advancement of smart building technology, energy efficiency and lighting control are easier than ever. Building automation software (BAS) allows facility managers to set lighting schedules, while dedicated lighting control systems can also implement dimming control and "daylight harvesting." When the external light is high enough, turn off the light near the window. These are the most common ways to manage lighting in buildings to save energy, but lighting has many more functions in smart buildings.

IoT platforms such as Enlighted provide lighting control, enabling buildings to sense occupancy patterns and become more intelligent. This new type of lighting control device has a small smart sensor that can be installed in lamps and other places. The sensor can track movement, power usage, ambient light and temperature, and act as a Bluetooth beacon. In addition to the obvious benefits of saving energy, occupancy monitoring also provides more features.

If every light in a building has a sensor, the data captured can help building managers make more informed decisions. Data from sports can show the frequency of space usage, typical paths through buildings, and changes in ambient light and temperature throughout the day, helping to make smart buildings smarter.

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