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The difference between solar street light and landscape lamp

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The difference between solar street light and landscape lamp

1. Different heights

The conventional height of street lamps is 6x12 meters, and some street lamps have a conventional height of 6 to 20 meters, but the general height of street lamps is 3x6 meters. Because the landscape lamp is decorative, it does not need to be made too high, and the material required is higher. , The more expensive the cost.

2. Different functions

The most important function of a street lamp is lighting. It should be able to provide better lighting brightness for pedestrians and vehicles, but the mountain view lamp only needs basic lighting, and the most important thing is decoration. It is used to decorate the surrounding environment and create an atmosphere. The shape of the street lamp is not so diverse, generally only a few, but the shape of the street lamp is very many, very random, unrestricted, and can be customized according to the surrounding environment and special reasons.

3. Different application places

Street lamps are generally used in urban or rural main roads, sub-main roads, urban squares, residential areas and other places. The lighting needs are generally large. Parks, gardens, high-end residential areas, commercial pedestrian streets, leisure squares and other independent areas will also have landscape lights.

4. Different lighting power

The lighting power of solar street lights is generally relatively large. In the range of 250x400 W, it should be considered according to the width of the street light, the surrounding trees, the height of the light pole, and the impact on the surrounding residents. The lighting power of landscape lights is relatively small, generally 80×150 W, but may also be small. This is because landscape lights have basic lighting functions. Its biggest function is to have a strong appreciation ability, and its light source power can trigger the light. The overall shape does not need to be too bright.

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