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The difference between SMD and COB

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The difference between SMD and COB

The full name of SMD is "Surface Mounted Devices", which refers to surface mount devices, which are one of surface mount technology components.

The full name of COB is "chip on board", which refers to chip on board packaging, which is one of the bare chip mounting technologies.

The difference between SMD and COB is as follows:

1. Different production efficiency

SMD: The production efficiency of SMD is low.

COB: The production efficiency of COB is higher than that of SMD.

2. Different light quality

SMD: There are spotlights and glare in the combination of SMD discrete devices.

COB: The viewing angle of COB is large and easy to adjust, there is no spot light, glare.

3. The process is different

SMD: The LED chip is fixed on the pad of the lamp bead holder with conductive glue and insulating glue, and then welded with the same conduction performance as the COB package. After the performance test, it is encapsulated with epoxy resin, and then the light is divided, Cutting and taping, transport to the screen factory and other processes.

COB: The LED chip is directly fixed on the soldering pad of the lamp bead on the PCB board with conductive glue and insulating glue, and then the conduction performance of the LED chip is welded. After the test is completed, it is encapsulated with epoxy resin.

4. The technology is different

SMD: During the LED period, it needs to be mounted first, and then fixed on the PCB board by reflow soldering.

COB: Without mounting and reflow soldering process, COB light source is directly applied to lamps and lanterns.

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