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The common problems of led street light

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The common problems of led street light

1. The led street light does not light up

First, if the LED street light does not light up, please check the circuit, because the circuit may be faulty. If there is no problem with the circuit after inspection, it should be a driving problem.

If the current and voltage of the drive are too large or too small, the street light will not light up normally. If a drive failure is detected, a new drive needs to be purchased and replaced.

2. The problem of flashing after the led street light is off

If the LED street light is off, but the head is still flickering, the first is the line problem, it may be the neutral line of the on/off control. If so, measures need to be taken quickly to avoid danger. If there is no problem found by checking the circuit, it is probably the self-inductance current generated by the LED energy-saving street light itself. To solve this problem, you need to buy a 220V relay, and then connect the coil and the lamp to solve this problem.

3. The problem of dimming LED street lights

Those who have seen LED energy-saving street lamp headlights may know that this type of headlight is made of glass balls. These lamp beads are string after string. If one lamp bead burns in this string of beads, the other string of lamp beads will not emit light. After these rows are burned out, the whole lamp will not turn on.

From the appearance, we can see the burnt lamp beads, and the dimming of the brightness may also be caused by the burning of a single lamp bead. Of course, if one lamp bead burns out on each string of lamp beads, you need to consider whether it is a capacitance problem or a resistance problem.

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