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The advantages of LED street light compared with normal street light

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The advantages of LED street light compared with normal street light

LED energy-saving street lights use high-power LED cold light sources, which will not damage the illuminated objects; different color light sources can be selected according to needs; use the same way as traditional spotlights without changing the interface; it can be used in harsh environments such as outdoor, high temperature and high humidity; Environmental protection, energy saving, long service life and maintenance-free.

High brightness: The power generation system using solar cell components as lamps, combined with the very good angle design of solar panels, provides sufficient energy for high-power LED energy-saving street lamps.

High life span: The life span of solar cell modules and led lights can reach 20 years.

High efficiency and energy saving: The solar radiation module is used to convert solar radiation energy into electric energy, no other energy supply is needed, zero emission, and zero pollution.

High degree of intelligence: All switches are automatically controlled. The solar secondary street light can reduce the output power of the light source and save electricity when there are few pedestrians at night.

High safety: low pressure products, harmless to human body. The connection strength between the lamp bodies is high, and the wind resistance is strong.

High convenience: Easy installation, no trench wiring, and can be installed at will.

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