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Technical requirements for LED street lights

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Technical requirements for LED street lights

The technology is becoming more and more mature, and the efficiency of the light source has reached more than 100lm/W, which makes it possible to transform the energy-saving urban street lighting. LED street lamps, especially high-power LED street lamps, are impacting the traditional street lamp market at a rapid pace.

As the name implies, high-power LED street lights are street lights with a power greater than 30 watts and using new LED semiconductor light sources. The standard is generally the uniformity of road illumination, which meets the road illumination. (The actual 1/2 center spot reaches 25 LUX, the 1/4 center light intensity reaches 15 LUX, the lowest light intensity at 16 meters is 4 LUX, and the overlapping light intensity is about 6 LUX. It refers to the LED street light that uses solar silicon panels as the power supply.

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