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Solar lamps FAQS

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Solar lamps FAQS

1. If the battery is bigger, will the lighting time be longer?

The actual power generation cannot keep up, and no matter how large the battery is, the battery will not be able to last. The lithium battery and the solar panel must be linked to adjust the parameters. Simply adjusting one parameter is all about scoring.

2. If there are more lamp beads, will it be brighter than those with fewer lamp beads?

No, brightness is related to power and light efficiency.

3. Are iron-lithium batteries better than ternary lithium batteries?

In theory, the cycle life is yes, but it is actually found that most of the iron-lithium batteries used in the lighting industry are old batteries.

4. People have high power, why is the configuration lower than yours?

Virtual standard parameters, most of which are virtual standard values online. It can be calculated by the formula. Be ever-changing, stay true to its ancestry, speak science

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