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Solar floodlights have brought many benefits to our lives in the process of use. If you want to maximize the performance of solar floodlights during use, you must pay attention to the installation process. The details.

1. Pay attention to understand the light source of the sun and the characteristics of the light pole, pay attention to these details, and then install it, so that the light effect can be delivered to the greatest extent during the use process, and The solar flood light will be brighter during use.

2. The surrounding environment must be mainly used in the process of installing solar floodlights, because the tubes and poles used in different environments are completely different, so you must pay attention to these issues during the selection process. Choose some suitable products according to the quality of the land, so that the service life of solar floodlights can be effectively improved during the use process.

3. In the process of installing solar floodlights, you must pay attention to the protection of the light poles. During the installation process, you need to strictly follow some specific operating procedures. In this way, pay attention and avoid Open the solder joints, and then pay attention to the angle between the poles and so on. These problems should be noticed in the process of pressing and turning, and these problems should be paid attention to during the installation process. The utility of solar floodlights is brought into full play.

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