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Several common problems of LED lamp beads-1

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Several common problems of LED lamp beads-1

1. In the absence of power. How to divide what color the LED lamp beads emit?

When the power is not applied, there is no way to distinguish the color of the colorless packaged LED. If it is convenient to choose at the time of purchase, it is recommended to prepare a 3V button battery, which can be used for easy inspection when selecting What light does the LED emit.

2. The reason why the high-power LED lamp bead burned out?

a. There are two pure gold filaments on the top and bottom, called gold wires, which are used for conducting electricity. Two positive poles and two negative poles. A really good product will have a fifth wire, which is welded to the Zener tube for protection.

b. When the filament becomes shorter, it means that the lamp has been burned by the high current, which is equivalent to a circuit breaker.

c. The high-power 1W drive current is about 350mA, and the working voltage is between 3.2-3.6V. Please be careful when using it. Excessive current will definitely burn the lamp beads.

d. Generally, LED lights need to be equipped with a driver, and rarely use 220V directly. You must connect the driver to connect to the 220V power supply.

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