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Research on LED as supplementary lighting for plant photosynthesis

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Research on LED as supplementary lighting for plant photosynthesis

Traditional artificial light sources generate too much heat. If LED supplementary lighting and hydroponic systems are used, air can be recycled, excess heat and water can be removed, and electrical energy can be efficiently converted into effective photosynthetic radiation, and finally into Plant matter. Studies have shown that the use of LED lighting can increase the growth rate and photosynthetic rate of lettuce by more than 20%, and it is feasible to use LEDs in plant factories.

Studies have found that, compared with fluorescent lamps, mixed-wavelength LED light sources can significantly promote the growth and development of spinach, radishes and lettuce, and improve morphological indicators; it can maximize the bioaccumulation of sugar beet, and the most significant accumulation of betanin in hair roots, which are produced in hair roots. The highest sugar and starch accumulation.

Compared with the metal halide lamp, the anatomical morphology of the stems and leaves of the pepper and perilla plants grown under the corresponding wavelength LED changes significantly, and as the optical density increases, the photosynthetic rate of the plants increases. LEDs with multiple wavelengths can increase the number of stomata in marigold and sage plants.

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