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Reasons for the failure of solar garden lights

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Reasons for the failure of solar garden lights

First: the construction quality is not good enough. The main reason for the failure of solar courtyard lights is the poor construction quality, which is mainly manifested in the insufficient depth of the cable trench, and the construction of sand and bricks is not carried out in accordance with the standards in order to cope with the work; the production and installation of the aisle pipes do not meet the requirements The two ends were not made into bell mouths according to the standard; the cables were dragged on the ground when laying the cables; the foundation embedded pipes were not constructed according to the requirements, such as the embedded pipes were too thin, and it would be difficult to wear the cables. There is a dead bend at the bottom; the thickness of the insulator is not enough, and a short circuit will occur after long-term operation.

Second: The material quality is low. The low quality of garden light materials is mainly manifested in the fact that the wire contains less aluminum, the wire is harder, and the insulation layer is thinner. Although there is no problem in short-term use, it will definitely fail under long-term use.

Third: the irrationality of the design. Pay attention to its particularity when designing solar garden lights. The voltage of solar energy batteries will change with temperature. The higher the temperature, the lower the voltage. Solar panels are generally installed on the poles, so the center of gravity is higher and solar energy The battery panels are generally suspended, so the overload of the design is also one of the reasons for the failure of the courtyard lights.

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