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Reasons for insufficient LED light drive power

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Reasons for insufficient LED light drive power

Reasons for insufficient LED light drive power:

(1) The technical personnel involved in the production of LED lighting and related technical personnel do not know enough about the switching power supply, and the power supply made can work normally, but some critical assessments and electromagnetic compatibility considerations are not enough, and there are still certain hidden dangers;

(2) Most of the LED power supply production is transformed from ordinary switching power supply to make LED power supply, not enough understanding of the characteristics and use of LED;

(3) There are almost no standards for LEDs, and most of them refer to the standards of switching power supplies and electronic rectifiers;

(4) Most LED power supplies are not uniform, so most of them are relatively small. The purchase quantity is small, the price is high, and the component suppliers are not very cooperative;

(5) The stability of the LED power supply: wide voltage input, high and low temperature operation, over-temperature, over-voltage protection and other problems are not solved one by one

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