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Prevent damage to LED lights

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Prevent damage to LED lights

The reason why the LED has a long life is only compared to the more suitable working environment, and there are two main reasons for the damage of the LED lighting: one is the overcurrent impact, that is, the current applied to the LED exceeds the LED technical data manual. The maximum rated current in, including overvoltage caused by over-electric shock; the other is overheating damage. But how do we prevent LED lighting from being damaged in reality?

First, prevent electrical shocks and prevent transient overcurrents. Generally, electrical shocks are caused by extremely large transient overcurrents, and the direct consequence is to cause damage to other parts near the welding line, such as sealing materials.

Secondly, do a good job of the heat dissipation system. Nowadays, the related technology of LED heat dissipation system in China is not very mature. Excessive heat will directly cause damage to the internal components of the LED lighting, which will lead to the failure of the LED lighting.

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