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part of led panel lamp

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part of led panel lamp

part of led panel lamp

1. Panel light aluminum frame:

It is the main channel for LED heat dissipation. The appearance is simple and generous. You can use ZY0907. The cost of stamping and opening with mold is low, and the processing cost is low; the IP rating of die-cast aluminum frame can be higher, the surface texture is good, and the overall appearance is beautiful, but the mold cost is invested in the early stage. Higher.

2. LED light source:

Usually LED lamp beads use 3528, and some people use 3014 and 5050. 3014 and 5050 are low in cost and slightly inferior in light efficiency. The key is that the design of light guide dots is difficult. 3528 has high light efficiency and good versatility.

3. LED light guide plate:

The side LED light is refracted through the dots so that the light is uniformly exported from the front. The light guide plate is the key point of the quality control of the LED panel light. If the dot design is not good, the overall light effect seen is very poor. Generally, there will be dark on both sides of the light in the middle, or there will be bright light bands at the light entrance, or there may be partial dark areas, or there may be inconsistent brightness at different angles. To improve the light efficiency of the light guide plate mainly depends on the design of the dots, followed by the quality of the plate, but there is no need to be superstitious about the first-line brand-name plates, and the light transmittance between qualified plates is usually the same. Generally, small LED lamp factories directly buy public light guide plates for use, and do not need to re-proof the design. The public version used by many manufacturers is usually of good quality.

4. LED diffuser:

The light of the light guide plate is uniformly led out, and it can also play the role of blurring the dots. Diffusion plates generally use acrylic 2.0 sheets or PC materials, almost PS materials, acrylic has a lower cost and a slightly higher light transmittance than PC, acrylic is brittle and has weak anti-aging properties, and PC is slightly expensive, but has anti-aging properties Strong. After the diffuser is installed, the dots cannot be seen, and the light transmittance should be around 90%. The light transmittance of acrylic is 92%, PC is 88%, and PS is about 80%. You can choose the diffuser material according to your needs. Most manufacturers use acrylic materials.

5. Reflective paper:

Reflect the remaining light on the back of the light guide plate to improve light efficiency, generally RW250.

6. Rear cover:

The main function is to seal the LED panel light, usually 1060 aluminum, which can also play a role in heat dissipation.

7. Drive power:

There are two types of LED drive power supplies. One is to use a constant current power supply. This mode has high efficiency and a PF value of up to 0.95, which is cost-effective; the other is to use a constant voltage with constant current power supply, which has stable performance, but low efficiency and high cost. This kind of power supply is mainly exported, and the other party requires certification requirements and must use safety-related power supplies. In fact, it is very safe to use a constant current power supply at home, because it is difficult for users to access the power supply, and the lamp body itself uses safe low-voltage electricity.

8. Install the pendant:

Suspension wires, mounting brackets and other accessories used to install and fix.

From a quality control point of view, it is most effective to spend additional money on LED light sources and LED light guide plates in order to improve light efficiency. From a market sales point of view, spend additional money on aluminum frame cover pendants, etc. Can upgrade the product grade.

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