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Package introduction of led

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Package introduction of led

Package introduction of led

Package explanation

Simply put, led packaging is the process of packaging led packaging materials into led lights

Packaging process

Generally, the LED package must go through the process of crystal expansion-die bonding-wire bonding-potting-drying-cutting feet-light and color separation

Packaging materials

The main packaging materials of led are: chip, gold wire, bracket, glue, etc.

Packaging equipment

Die expansion equipment, die bonders, wire bonding machines, glue dispensers, baking boxes, etc. are generally divided into two types of automatic packaging equipment and manual packaging equipment.

Good or bad package

Good or bad indicators of led lights: luminous angle, brightness, color (wavelength) consistency, antistatic ability, anti-attenuation ability, waterproof ability, color rendering index, etc.

Led lamp packaging material: led packaging material is the direct factor of the quality of the led lamp, and also the most basic factor. The led lamp is a combination of several main materials. A good led lamp must be a combination of all packaging materials and production technology

LED lamp packaging technology: Generally, automatic equipment packaging is better than manual packaging. The technical level of packaging is also the main factor in the quality of LED lamp packaging. The products produced by different manufacturers of the same material are very different.

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