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Method to determine the height of solar street light pole

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Method to determine the height of solar street light pole

First of all, if it is a road with a width of 20 meters, it should be regarded as a main road, so it needs to be arranged on both sides. In addition, road lighting requirements mainly include illuminance requirements and illuminance uniformity. The uniformity is generally above 0.3. The greater the uniformity, the more diffuse the light of the solar street lamp, the better the lighting effect.

Therefore, we can assume that there is a double-row symmetrical arrangement of lights, and the height of street light poles is at least greater than 1/2 of the width of the road, so the height of the poles should be 12-14 meters; assuming that a 14-meter pole is used, the installation spacing of street lights is generally lamp poles It is about 3 times the height, so the distance is at least 40 meters; assuming that the solar street lights have a distance of 40 meters and the pole height is 14 meters, the power of the solar street lights in this case must be more than 200W, in order to basically meet the lighting of the main road Require.

Secondly, the illuminance and power are related to the installation height of the lamp. For solar street lights, we hope that the larger the angle of the irradiated light, the better, so that the uniformity will be good, and the distance between the light poles can be enlarged, the number of light poles installed is reduced, and the cost is saved.

Finally, if the solar smart street light has a distance of 40 meters, the height of the street light pole is 14 meters, the power is 200W, and the double-sided lighting is arranged, how is the illuminance calculated? Therefore, it is necessary to test the 200W street light first , Because the street lamps of different manufacturers use different LEDs, the light distribution lens is also different, and the total luminous flux of the same power will be different, which leads to different illuminance on the road surface.

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