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Main parameters of LED lighting products

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Main parameters of LED lighting products

Main parameters of LED lighting products:       

Luminous flux (unit: LM), color rendering index (unit: Ra) , color temperature (unit: K), power factor (unit: PF), heat dissipation capacity of LED Floodlight

① Luminous flux: Mainly refers to the brightness of the LED Floodlight. The LED Floodlight emits light energy by consuming electric energy. The greater the luminous flux, the more light energy it emits. Therefore, it is an indicator of the luminous ability of the light source. When the power consumption of two lamps is the same, the greater the luminous flux, the better the lamp. General LED lamps can reach 90-110LM/W in time, and good lamps can even reach 120-150LM/W. (Traditional incandescent lamp 10-15LM/W  Energy saving lamp 30-65LM/W) 

②Color rendering index: The color rendering index of LED Floodlight refers to the ability to reproduce a color. The higher the color rendering index, the more positive the color. By comparing the appearance color of objects with the reference or reference light source (incandescent lamp or painting light) of the same color temperature. To restore the percentage of the true color of the object, to correctly express the original color of the material, a light source with a high color rendering index must be used. The value is close to 100, and the color rendering is the best. Incandescent lamp 97-100  LED lamp 85-12

③Color temperature: refers to the color of light. The higher the color temperature, the bluer the light, and the lower the color temperature. The light is reddish. Take sunlight as the reference standard. There are 3 conventional color temperatures. Warm light (yellow light) 2700-3500K   represents the symbol: RN. Neutral white  4300-5000K  represents conformity: RZ  white light (cool white) 5800-6500K  represents symbol: RR.  

The specific color temperature chart is as follows:

④ Power factor: and power compensation of the power conversion light source. The size of the power factor depends on the power factor of the driving power supply. The greater the power factor, the better the conversion efficiency of LED Floodlight   

⑤ Heat dissipation capacity: The heat dissipation capacity of LED products directly affects the service life and light decay rate of the product. Products with higher power and products with longer lighting time have higher requirements for heat dissipation. Conventional LED products will use a metal shell and built-in or external heat sink to dissipate heat from the LED Floodlight.

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