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LED street light lightning protection

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LED street light lightning protection

Generally speaking, our solar street lights are 12V/24V system voltage, which is a safe voltage, but this does not mean that solar street lights do not need lightning protection. When it comes to lightning protection of solar street lights, the most important thing is the pole grounding. Solar street light controllers generally have built-in TVS lightning protection tubes. Do not use light sources or battery panels as air-termination devices. The method of grounding, the general street lamp base steel cage is less than 0.5m, and its steel surface area is greater than 0.37m2, it can be used as a lightning protection grounding body. If this requirement is not met, then an artificial grounding body should be added. You can use 3 2.5 steel angles or copper bars to bury in the ground with a depth greater than 0.7m, and then lock it to the light pole to ensure the effective connection between the angle steel and the light pole. , The light pole foundation must be reliably connected with the ground network. With reliable grounding, when lightning strikes, the huge energy of lightning is guided to the ground through the light pole and dissipated to prevent damage to LED street lighting equipment.

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