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LED Pros and cons

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LED Pros and cons

Pros and cons

* Heat dissipation problem, if the heat dissipation is not good, it will greatly shorten the life.

* The power saving of low-end LED lamps is still lower than that of energy-saving lamps (cold cathode tubes, CCFL).

* The initial purchase cost is higher.

* Due to the strong directivity of the LED light source, the special optical characteristics of the LED should be considered in the design of the lamp.

The following is a comparison between neon lights and LED lights, adding the latest LED technology for comparison, not the information that everyone has seen on the Internet before.

1. Does the LED light source have a life of 100,000 hours?

According to the 7% light decay, it is actually only about 50,000 hours. According to the light attenuation of 3%, the actual use can reach 80,000 hours.

2. Does the LED heat up?

Yes, heat dissipation is required.

3. Can LED replace incandescent lamp?

The luminous flux, luminous efficiency and color rendering are OK, but too expensive and will not decline in recent years. However, the cost of replacing incandescent lamps can be reduced by increasing the luminous flux of the product.

4. Can LED be used simply as ordinary light source?

No, you need to drive the power supply, the optical LED light and the heat conduction.

5. Comparison of the performance and advantages of the two light sources

The advantages of neon lights have been covered by LEDs, but LED lights are too expensive.

6. Comparison of the power supply of the two light sources

The low voltage of LED is good, but the current is too large. The input current of a large 1W LED single lamp is 350mA.

7. Comparison of the control technology of the two light sources

LED is easy to implement, but neon lights are mature.

8. Comparison of the stability of the two light sources

The LED is not uniform, and the neon light is quite stable. A small number of manufacturers can achieve relative stability, such as combining CREE and AOD chips to take advantage of their respective chips.

9. Price comparison of the two light sources

LEDs are more expensive, but yellow and red are quite the same, and the main one is white LED.

10. Comparison of two kinds of light sources for outdoor use

LED lights have been completely waterproof and dustproof.

11. Comparison of the two light source markets

The annual output value of global lighting products is 42 billion U.S. dollars (China 15 billion U.S. dollars) LED light sources now account for less than 1%.

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