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LED optical lens

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LED optical lens

The LED lens is generally a silica gel lens, because silica gel has high temperature resistance (reflow soldering is also possible), so it is usually directly packaged on the LED chip. Generally, the size of silica gel lens is small, 3-10mm in diameter. And the LED lens is generally closely related to the LED, which helps to improve the light output efficiency of the LED, and the lens changes the optical system of the light field distribution of the LED. The LED lens is closely related to the LED and helps to improve the light extraction efficiency of the LED. LED lenses are widely used in LED light sources, street lights, spotlights, fluorescent lights, curtain wall lights, flood lights, lawn lights, stage lights, underwater lights, square lights, high pole lights, underground lights, garden lights, guardrail lights, searchlights, Spotlight technology, indoor and outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, etc.

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