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LED light heat dissipation

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LED light heat dissipation

1. Passive cooling

Through the design of the radiator itself, the heat energy generated during the LED lighting process is dispersed, such as natural convection, through the radiator and the air to make direct contact, the air around the radiator absorbs heat into hot air, and then the hot air rises and becomes cold. When the air drops, it will naturally drive the air to produce convection to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.

2. Active cooling

It is through some design outside the system to disperse the heat generated by the LED lighting process. Active cooling can be divided into air cooling, liquid cooling, heat pipe cooling, semiconductor cooling, chemical cooling and so on.

Air-cooled heat dissipation is the most common LED heat dissipation method, and the choice of heat sink material is particularly important, and it must have both high specific heat capacity and high thermal conductivity.

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