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LED lamps composition

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LED lamps composition

No matter what kind of lamp, it is composed of the following components

1. Power input interface: It is used to connect to the power source, such as the lamp holder of a bulb lamp.

2. Shell: generally composed of aluminum profiles with good heat dissipation. The shape of the lamp, the LED heat dissipation function, and the heat dissipation design of the shell directly affect the use efficiency and life of the lamp.

3. Lampshade: Not only is it put on the lamp in order to gather the light, but it can also prevent electric shock and protect the eyes. Therefore, each lamp will have a PC lampshade, a glass lampshade, and a plastic lampshade.

4. LED light source: It is composed of N LEDs and is the core component of this lamp. The lamps emit the first visible light through it.

5. Drive power supply: Because the operating voltage of a single LED is low voltage, and the operating voltage range is very narrow, direct power supply, the LED can not work normally and is very easy to damage, so the input power must be controlled by constant voltage and current through the circuit, and the drive power the pros and cons directly affect the service life of the LED and the entire lamp.

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