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LED high bay light installation method

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LED high bay light installation method

1. Installation of large led high bay light

Large high bay light must be fixed on the main shed of the building (or on a frame with load-bearing capacity) due to its large size and weight. It is not allowed to install directly on the light steel keel shed. If a large chandelier is installed on the concrete shed, it is necessary to pre-embed iron parts or place penetrating bolts, and together with its connecting accessories as the load-bearing fastening device of the lamp. The load-bearing fastening device should be in the correct position, firm and reliable. There is enough room for adjustment to adjust the error of the lamp position.

2. Installation of small led high bay light

For small high bay light to be installed on the suspended shed, a lighting fastening device must be installed on the main keel of the suspended shed, and the chandelier can be hung on the fastening device through the connector. The supporting points of the fastening device on the main keel should be symmetrically arranged with hanging rods to offset the gravity of the lamp on the hanging shed, so that the hanging shed will not sink or deform.

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