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LED explosion-proof light

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LED explosion-proof light

The application of LED explosion-proof lights is very common, suitable for a variety of areas with flammable materials. Compared with floodlights, they have higher corrosion resistance, stronger durability and convenience.

1. Applicable to professional and high-security venues

It is suitable for the risky geographical environment of power stations, petrochemical equipment, machinery and equipment, stainless steel sheet metallurgical industry, national defense security reserves, transportation lines and other companies, as well as offshore oil integrated service platforms, cargo ships and other sites with high maintenance requirements.

2. High corrosion resistance improves application friction

The housing of the lighting fixture is formed by die-casting aluminum alloy, the product design is peculiar, and the appearance is elegant. The surface of the lighting fixture is sprayed with polyester powder with high-quality corrosion resistance. All exposed standard parts and their spare parts are made of highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel plates.

3. The integrated ic is preferably matched with the honeycomb light throughout the structure.

Use imported integrated ic, professional surface film, excellent lumen maintenance rate, high luminous efficiency, and further improve thermal conductivity. The carefully arranged honeycomb-shaped led lumen structure can effectively improve the high efficiency of heat removal of the lighting fixture.

4. Design of independent inner wall for structural scientific research

The light source cavity is designed as an independent cavity. According to the basic concept of heat flow, the heat pipe heat dissipation is designed by hollow carved partition scheme, and air convection is used to bring a lot of heat value, and the heat dissipation temperature of the heat pipe is greatly reduced, which is conducive to the sufficient heat dissipation of the light-emitting diode and improves the application deadline of the light source.

5. IP65 waterproof level bears high-efficiency kinetic energy impact

All lighting fixtures guarantee IIC waterproof grade and IP65 waterproof grade, with excellent flameproof performance. The use of high boroaluminosilicate explosion-proof glass laminated glass can bear the impact of high-efficiency kinetic energy and greatly improve the application deadline of lighting lamps.

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