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Inspection rules for LED street lights

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Inspection rules for LED street lights

1. Inspection classification

Product inspection is divided into factory inspection and type inspection.

2. Factory inspection

2.1 Each lamp shall be inspected and qualified by the inspection department and issued a certificate of conformity before leaving the factory.

2.2 The factory inspection items are shown in Table 2; if the random inspection items are unqualified, double sampling shall be carried out for inspection. After the re-inspection is qualified, it can be repackaged and delivered to the recipient. If the re-inspection is unqualified, the batch of products is unqualified; if other items are unqualified, they should be repaired and can be shipped out after passing the inspection.

3. Type inspection

3.1 Type inspection should be carried out in one of the following situations:

a) Trial type appraisal of new products or old products transferred to factories;

b) After formal production, if there are major changes in structure, material, process, which may affect product performance;

c) When the product has been discontinued for more than half a year and production is resumed;

d) There is a big difference between the factory inspection result and the last type inspection;

e) When the national quality supervision agency requests for type inspection.

3.2 Type inspection samples are taken from the products that pass the factory inspection, and 4 pieces are taken each time. If there are unqualified items in the photoelectric performance of the lamp, it will be judged as unqualified. If there are unqualified items in other items, double sampling shall be carried out on the same batch of products, and the unqualified items shall be re-inspected. If they are still unqualified, the type inspection shall be considered unqualified.

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