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How to highlight urban characteristics in urban construction lighting design

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How to highlight urban characteristics in urban construction lighting design

Architecture is an individual, but when we do lighting design, we need to combine the building with the surrounding environment and urban culture, consider the relationship between light and nature, and avoid the conflict between light and the environment. Most of our cities are buildings. If we want to improve the image of the city and show the spirit of the city, then our lighting design must not only be beautiful, but also have its own characteristics in order to be remembered by others. Then we need to start from the actual landscape of the city, understand the cultural, historical, and artistic connotations of the city, and build city night lighting with its own characteristics.

1. Combination of dynamic and static, highlighting architectural characteristics

The exterior wall lighting design of the building combines dynamic and static, static warm colors, dynamic lighting gives people a refreshing feeling, dynamic design combined with urban culture, people can feel the history of the city. This kind of lighting design scheme can not only show the beauty of the building, but also let people experience the cultural connotation of the city.

2. Reasonable design

The lighting design needs to be decorated on the basis of meeting the lighting needs in the area, and also needs to consider the convenience of later operation and maintenance, and the lighting effects can attract people's attention. At the same time, it protects the city's history and architectural features, and adds color to the city to show its charm.

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