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How to choose the power driving of flood light

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How to choose the power driving of flood light

Since the power drive of the flood light is composed of many electronic components and belongs to the constant-current switching power supply, it is required that the output voltage and current of the shell of the flood light and other parameters of the drive power supply should be exactly matched with the LED bead. If the degree of perfect match is not achieved, it is easy to cause the LED drive power supply or LED bead damage.

Flood light drive power function mainly for the LED lamp bead, provide the required voltage and current. Normally the higher the current of flood light housing driver power supply, the greater the LED light bead also can be jumped over, but it is important to note that this situation is limited to the current in the range of the LED light bead to withstand, if current exceeds the LED light bead, is very easy to cause the damage.

Due to the increasing market demand, the price of the power supply driven by the flood light also varies greatly, even a slight parameter difference can lead to a huge change in the price. At present, the common driving power sources of the lamp housing on the market are non-isolation type, isolation type and resistance and capacitance step-down type. Since the shell drive of the flood light is waterproof, it is difficult to distinguish the quality from the appearance, so it is necessary to identify the material and process of the product before there is no glue filling, so as to make a more accurate judgment.

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