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How to choose solar lights

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How to choose solar lights

1. First look at the solar panel intuitively. The larger the size of the solar panel and the greater the power, the higher the charging efficiency.

2. Look at the connection line between the solar panel and the lamp body. The thicker the connection line, the smaller the voltage loss and the higher the corresponding cost.

3. Looking at the light-emitting surface, the larger the light-emitting surface, the more the number of lamp beads arranged inside. Although the power and the number of lamp beads are not much different, when the LED is working, the number of lamp beads is small and flows through each one. The higher the current of the lamp beads, the higher the temperature. If the heat dissipation design is unreasonable and the temperature is too high, it will seriously affect the luminous efficiency of the lamp beads. In addition, the more the number of lamp beads, the denser the arrangement and the more uniform light emission.

4. Looking at the battery and capacity used, solar lights generally use lithium batteries and their lifespan is relatively long. In addition, the larger the battery capacity, the more power it can store, and the longer the light will last. But the battery is generally installed inside the lamp body and it is difficult to see. This can only be judged by weight. The larger the battery capacity, the heavier the lamp.

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