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How to choose solar garden lights

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How to choose solar garden lights

The quality of the components directly affects the quality of solar garden lights. In terms of selection, try to choose photovoltaic modules produced by well-known and qualified manufacturers, because such solar garden light manufacturers will test all aspects of the modules before the products leave the factory, which makes people more assured of the quality of such solar garden lights can be guaranteed.

1. Light source: There are many brands of LED light sources now. Such as brightness, antistatic ability, wavelength, leakage, light-emitting angle, life, chip size, colloid, etc., all meet the requirements. When selecting a light source, attention should also be paid to the color rendering and light distribution curve of the light.

2. Power supply: The choice of power supply for solar garden lights is directly related to the stability and life of the light source. When choosing the brand of the power supply, you should pay attention to the power, working voltage, size, etc. of the power supply. At the same time, you should also pay attention to whether the power supply is a constant current source or a constant voltage source. The performance of the power supply is directly related to the stability of the light source and directly determines the life of the product.

3. Luminaires: There are many types of solar led courtyard lights, with different quality. Manufacturers of solar led courtyard lights generally have all kinds of lamps, which are basically available on the market, but the quality must be controlled by yourself. When choosing a solar led garden lamp, you should pay attention to: lamp size, material, lamp style, etc., it is best to choose the integration of lamp pole and lamp, which will reduce the process of lamp assembly and ensure the quality of the lamp.

4. Light pole: The material of solar led courtyard light pole can be divided into: steel pole, aluminum profile, die-cast iron, etc. The pole of solar led courtyard light is best to choose aluminum profile, aluminum profile is easy to form, light and corrosion resistant Wait. The aluminum profile can be integrated into the light pole, and the appearance is novel. When choosing the material of the light pole, it is best to choose a professional solar garden light manufacturer. Only professional manufacturers can make reassuring products. 

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