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How to choose right flood light

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How to choose right flood light

There are plenty of reasons to invest in LED flood lights, particularly since they are energy efficient and do not have a high negative impact on the environment. Here are some tips on choosing the LED flood light outdoor.

1.Nice looking

The first impression of floodlight important that will effect customer choose it or not, so a nice looking with a nice packing box its must.

2.Wattage and color 

According the place you want to using choose right wattage and also with right color temperature, for example suppose you winter people like warm feeling so choose 3000K around, suppose on summer people would like choose 4000K or 6000K.


Pls pay attention to on the voltage this is very important,220V product and 12V product totally with different using, so you must read it before you buy it.


A good floodlight must with good waterproof function, especially when your city with too much water, according our experience country like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, part of India, Indonesia with much water, so must choose a floodlight with strong waterproof.


For floodlight its class we products,except L,N wire that you must connect earth wire that’s green and yellow cable, this is necessary while we find still with some people then don’t care about it.

6.Other function you want,such as sensor,RGB,or color light, this also need think about it ,some time people RGB type then he can meet all the function he want,or maybe he only want signal color.

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