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Full spectrum of lighting fixtures

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Full spectrum of lighting fixtures

The spectrum is a light band that is divided into a series of monochromatic lights after the polychromatic light passes through the dispersion system (such as prisms and gratings), which are arranged in order according to the wavelength. But different light has different energy distribution in the spectrum, and the component ratio of various wavelengths will be different. Sunlight has an extremely broad continuous spectrum, with 99.9% of its energy concentrated in the infrared, visible and ultraviolet regions. The "full spectrum" in lighting fixtures refers to the light emitted by the fixture. Its spectrum is close to that of the sun. Especially in the visible light, the proportion of various wavelength components is similar to that of sunlight, and the color rendering index of the light is close to that of sunlight. Color rendering index.

The principle of incandescent lamp lighting is to "burn" the tungsten filament through voltage and current, so that it burns to incandescence to emit light. Because the spectrum of the incandescent lamp is continuous and covers the visible light region, the incandescent lamp has a high color rendering index, which can reflect the true color of the object. However, due to the two major shortcomings of incandescent lamps, low luminous efficiency and short lifespan, even incandescent lamps with good light colors are replaced by a new generation of green light sources.

In recent years, the development of LED has made breakthroughs, breaking the key technology barrier. People have upgraded the traditional LED technology of blue LED to excite phosphor to use purple LED to excite phosphor to obtain red, green and blue color light. Light rays with similar spectra of sunlight. This technology combines the technical characteristics and product advantages of the LED itself, making full-spectrum LEDs more in line with the needs and trends of the lighting market, so full-spectrum LEDs are also popular.

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