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Five modes of solar street lights

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Five modes of solar street lights

1. Pure light control mode: When there is no sunlight, the light intensity drops to the starting point, after the controller delays for 10 minutes to confirm the start signal, the load is turned on according to the set parameters, and the load starts to work; when there is sunlight, the light intensity rises to start Point, the controller delays for 10 minutes to confirm the shutdown signal and then closes the output, and the load stops working.

2. Light control + time control mode: The startup process is the same as pure light control, when the load is working to the set time, it will automatically turn off, and the set time is 1 to 14 hours.

3. Manual mode: In this mode, the user can control the opening and closing of the load through buttons, regardless of whether it is during the day or at night. This mode is used for some special load occasions or during debugging.

4. Debug mode: Used for system debugging. When there is a light signal, the load is turned off, and the load is turned on without a light signal, which is convenient for checking the correctness of the system installation during installation and debugging.

5. Normally open mode: The load always keeps the output state after power-on. This mode is suitable for loads that require 24 hours of power supply.

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