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Features of LED Gas Station Light

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Features of LED Gas Station Light

1. The LED gas station lamp adopts a humanized appearance design, which is simple and generous, which embodies the aesthetic requirements of modern industrial lighting fashion and the concept of full harmony between humanity and nature.

2. The use of professionally designed petrol station lamps can not only enable the driver to clearly identify the location and highlight the brand logo of the petrol station within a certain distance, but also achieve energy-saving effects in daily operations. Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, it can save more than 60% energy. The lowest initial investment cost and daily operating cost, in order to achieve energy-saving benefits.

3. The light source is imported from the United States, with high luminous efficiency, soft light, uniform illuminance, average service life of 25000~50,000 hours, and color rendering index>80.

4. Full consideration of appropriate horizontal and vertical illuminance, comfortable color temperature and color rendering. The LED petrol station lamp has no glare, making the driver more comfortable and safer. Professional light distribution can reduce the number of lamps required.

5. Bracket type, ceiling type, embedded (installation bracket required) installation, almost no maintenance, easy to operate.

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