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Features of LED gas station Lamp Lighting

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Features of LED gas station Lamp Lighting

1. The energy-saving rate of LED gas station lights is high, and the effect is obvious;

2. Ultra-high power non-integrated chip for LED gas station lights, excellent technology;

3. Good monochromaticity, good diffusion, soft light, high luminous efficiency;

4. LED gas station lamp cold light source, no heat radiation, no harmful metal mercury, green and environmental protection;

5. The LED gas station lights must be inspected by the National Explosion-proof Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the relevant explosion-proof qualification certificate will be issued;

6. The LED gas station lamp body is made of imported raw materials, with good impact resistance, surface oxidation treatment, and durable;

7. The LED gas station lights are novel in design, elegant and beautiful, and have the characteristics of modern lighting fixtures;

8. LED gas station lights are easy to install and easy to adjust.

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