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Disadvantages of solar LED street light

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Disadvantages of solar LED street light

1.Dispersibility: Although the total amount of solar radiation reaching the earth's surface is large, the energy flow density is very low. Therefore, when using solar energy, to obtain a certain conversion power, a set of collection and conversion equipment with a relatively large area is often required, and the cost is relatively high.

2.Instability: Due to natural conditions such as day and night, seasons, geographic latitude and altitude, as well as the influence of random factors such as sunny, overcast, cloud, and rain, the solar irradiance reaching a certain ground is intermittent. Yes, it is extremely unstable, which makes the large-scale application of solar energy more difficult.

3. Low efficiency and high cost: Some aspects of the development level of solar energy utilization are theoretically feasible and technically mature. However, some solar energy utilization devices have low efficiency and high cost. In general, the economy cannot compete with conventional energy sources.

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