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Cooling method adopted by led lights

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Cooling method adopted by led lights

1. Plant lamp fan heat dissipation: The principle of using a fan to output the heat generated by the LED lamp into the air is very simple. Just like the heat dissipation principle of computers and televisions that are used every day, air convection occurs through fans to ensure that the temperature of the air around the heating element is not too high. Simply put, it is to use a fan to send the hot air generated by the LED lamp to the air, and then use room temperature air to supplement it to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.

2. Natural heat dissipation: Natural heat dissipation refers to working directly in the LED lamp without external measures. The main principle is to make the entire tube of the LED lamp have a larger contact area with the air, and use components with better thermal conductivity. In order to better transfer the heat generated by the lamp to the air, then through natural convection, that is, the hot air rises and the cold air compensates, so as to achieve the purpose of LED lamp heat dissipation. The heat dissipation mainly uses heat sinks, lamp housings, system circuit boards, etc., and its cost is relatively low, and the heat dissipation effect is also good. It is widely used in various electrical equipment.

3. Electromagnetic heat dissipation: Electromagnetic heat dissipation is called electromagnetic jet heat dissipation. Instead of using a fan for gas convection, electromagnetic vibration drives the diaphragm cavity to vibrate, so that air circulates and achieves the effect of heat dissipation. The technical difficulty is relatively complicated. LED products are applied.

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