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Comparison of T8, T9 tubes and energy-saving lamps

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Comparison of T8, T9 tubes and energy-saving lamps

Compared with energy-saving lamps of the same brightness, the price of T8 and T9 tubes is relatively cheap. The most advanced T8 tube can achieve a high color rendering property of 99, while the color rendering of the most advanced energy-saving lamp can only exceed 90. The light source with high color rendering will make the color natural and beneficial to eyesight and health. Many people will use incandescent or halogen lamps because they think fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps are inferior light. However, if you use tubes with a color rendering of 99, more people will accept fluorescent tubes, which can reduce the demand for heat-generating light sources. .

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the current energy-saving lamps have been compared with the old T8 and T9 fluorescent lamps with traditional ballasts to save electricity, especially the spiral fluorescent lamps. However, the new generation of T8 lamps equipped with preheating electronic ballasts is still far more energy-efficient than energy-saving lamps. The luminous efficiency of energy-saving lamps is about 55-60 lumens per watt, and the new generation of T8 tubes with electronic ballasts can reach above 80 lumens per watt. However, many T8/T9 tubes have poor color rendering, and most energy-saving lamps can achieve color rendering above 80. It is easy to replace energy-saving lamps in daily use.

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