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COB encapsulation advantages

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COB encapsulation advantages

1. High packaging efficiency and cost saving

The COB packaging process is not much different from the SMD production process, but the packaging efficiency of COB packaging in dispensing, separation, spectroscopy and packaging is much higher. Compared with traditional SMD packaging, COB packaging can save 5% of any material costs.

2. Advantages of low thermal resistance

The thermal resistance structure of the traditional SMD package system is: chip-die bond-solder joints-tin paste-copper foil-insulating layer-aluminum. The thermal resistance of the COB package system is: chip-bonding glue-aluminum. The thermal resistance of the COB package system is much lower than that of the traditional SMD package, so the service life of the COB packaged LED lamp is greatly improved.

3. Light quality advantage

In traditional SMD packaging, multiple discrete devices are pasted on a PCB board to form a light source assembly for LED applications in the form of patches. This approach has the problems of spot light, glare, and ghosting. Since the COB package is an integrated package and a surface light source, the viewing angle is large and easy to adjust, reducing the loss of light refraction.

The traditional SMD packaging method is to affix multiple different devices on a PCB board to form an LED light source assembly. The light source made by this packaging process has the problems of electro-optics, ghosting and glare. The COB light source does not have the above problems. It is a surface light source with a large viewing angle and easy adjustment of the angle, which reduces the loss of light due to refraction.

4. Application advantages

The application of COB light source is very convenient, and it can be directly applied to lamps without other processes. The traditional SMD packaged light source also needs to be mounted first, and then fixed on the PCB board by reflow soldering, which is not as convenient as COB in application.

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