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COB encapsulated product features

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COB encapsulated product features

1. Ultra-light and thin: According to the actual needs of customers, PCB boards with thickness from 0.4 to 1.2mm can be used to reduce the weight at least to 1/3 of the original traditional products, which can significantly reduce the structure, transportation and engineering for customers cost.

2. Anti-collision and compression: COB products directly encapsulate the LED chip in the concave lamp position of the PCB board, and then encapsulate and cure it with epoxy resin. The surface of the lamp point is convex into a spherical surface, which is smooth and hard, resistant to impact and abrasion. .

3. Large viewing angle: the viewing angle is greater than 175 degrees, close to 180 degrees, and has a better optical diffuse color haze effect.

4. Strong heat dissipation ability: COB products encapsulate the lamp on the PCB board, and quickly transfer the heat of the wick through the copper foil on the PCB board, and the thickness of the copper foil of the PCB board has strict process requirements, plus sinking gold The craftsmanship hardly causes serious light attenuation. Therefore, there are few dead lights, which greatly extends the life of the LED display.

5. Wear-resistant and easy to clean: The surface is smooth and hard, impact-resistant and wear-resistant; there is no mask, and it can be cleaned with water or cloth when there is dust.

6. Excellent all-weather characteristics: triple protection treatment is adopted, with outstanding effects of waterproof, moisture, corrosion, dust, static electricity, oxidation, and ultraviolet; it can meet all-weather working conditions, and the temperature difference environment of minus 30 degrees to minus 80 degrees can still be used normally.

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