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Classification of lamps

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Classification of lamps

1. Divided by industry

Home lighting: ceiling lamps, chandeliers, downlights, spotlights, light strips, T5 bracket lamps, linear lamps, kitchen and bathroom lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, bulbs, etc.

Commercial lighting: downlights, spotlights, light strips, T5 bracket lamps, T8 bracket lamps, linear lamps, lamp panels, etc.

Engineering lighting: street lights, courtyard lights, digital tubes, underwater lights, underground lights, linear lights, lawn lights, etc.

2. Divided from the installation method

Embedded installation, surface installation, ceiling installation, hidden reflection installation, hoisting, etc.

3. From the point of style

Chinese, New Chinese, European, Nordic, Modern, Postmodern, American, Classical, Minimalist, etc.

4. From the functional purpose

Decorative lighting, atmosphere lighting, basic lighting, accent lighting, reading and writing lighting, etc.

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