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Check out the features of the four lamps-1

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Check out the features of the four lamps-1

The incandescent lamp is also called an electric bulb. Its working principle is that heat is generated when the current passes through the filament. The spiral filament continuously collects the heat, making the temperature of the filament more than 2000 degrees Celsius. When the filament is in the incandescent state, it looks like red iron. It can emit light just as it shines. The higher the temperature of the filament, the brighter the light. When incandescent lamps emit light, a large amount of electrical energy will be converted into heat energy, and only a very small part can be converted into useful light energy. The light emitted by the incandescent lamp is full-color light, but the composition ratio of the various color lights is determined by the luminescent material (tungsten) and temperature. The greater the power of the incandescent lamp, the shorter the life.

Fluorescent lamp is also called fluorescent lamp, its working principle: the fluorescent tube is simply a closed gas discharge tube. The main gas in the tube is argon, and it also contains a few drops of mercury. The fluorescent tube relies on the mercury atoms of the tube to release ultraviolet light through the process of gas discharge, and about 60% of the consumed electrical energy can be converted into ultraviolet light. Other energy is converted into heat energy. The disadvantage of fluorescent lamps is that they pollute the environment during the production process and after they are scrapped, mainly mercury pollution, which is not environmentally friendly.

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