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Advantages of new rural solar light

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Advantages of new rural solar light

1. The construction is simple, there is no need to dig trenches, and the construction period is short.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection are the green lighting that the country vigorously promotes.

3. The amount of maintenance is small and almost maintenance-free, because the service life of the LED light source is more than 10 years.

4. There is no electricity bill, because it absorbs solar energy to generate light, so there is no electricity bill. Always free power supply.

5. New rural solar street lights can beautify the surrounding mirrors in rural areas. Compared with traditional street lights, they are more attractive to farmers and can form a unique scenic line in rural areas.

6. The investment is small, and the overall economic benefits are basically the same as that of conventional street lamp investment.

7. Let the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection go deep into the countryside and into the hearts of farmers, and guide the people in the countryside to develop awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection.

8. Investment funds are easier to solve, because it is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product, and the state is this engineering project.

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